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Hannah Griffin

In 2015, God gave me a dream that placed a passion in me for refugees who are fleeing their homes, trying to find places of safety. Three years later, God made that dream a reality, and I moved to Germany to focus on discipleship and helping refugees there integrate into the Western world.

During that time, I attended a German language school and became friends with a devout nineteen-year-old Muslim girl from Syria. One day after class, we went to lunch and she asked so many questions about Westerners and Christians. She was taught that anyone who was from a Western culture is considered a Christian. With all the movies and TV shows with sex, alcohol, and drugs, she explained that Muslims from the Middle East believe that Christians are evil and unholy people. I had the opportunity to tell her that this is not the case and shared the many alluring characteristics of Jesus! I will never forget that conversation and what I had learned from a different perspective and view about Christianity. I love meeting these women and can’t wait to share with them about who Jesus really is and how we are supposed to look like as His disciples.

In my first two years in Berlin, through hospitality and attending language school, I believe that God will open doors for me to meet at least five ladies to mentor who are leaders, curious about Jesus, and open to becoming transformed by Him. I believe in this way that God can use me to help launch a Disciple-Making Movement!

Isaiah 35:1

The wilderness and the solitary place shall be glad for them, and the desert shall rejoice, and blossom as the Rose.

Wilderness: Coming out of one desolate place into another.

These women are fleeing due to religious persecution, war, or differences in government, only to enter Berlin, which is a spiritually dry land: less than 2% Christian, 11% Muslim, and around 60% are atheist.

Solitary: A lonely city where abuse is rampant

Berlin has 190 people groups, making it challenging to build a community made of different cultures. So many refugees have told me that they just want to make friends and feel so alone and isolated.

Rejoice: Isaiah 35:10 - Gladness and joy will overtake them, and sorrow and sighing will flee away.

The LORD is moving in Berlin. God is calling missionaries to this dry land to share hope for redemption through the Gospel.

Blossom: Refugee women will blossom as believers which will attract others to Jesus

They will become Roses of Sharon, who will deepen their roots, flourish, and be fruitful. They will spread God’s light and beauty which will make more disciples that will spread not just across Germany, but also to their own nations.

I believe there will be light in a dark city, and above all, there will be so much fruit and multiplication. I can’t wait to partner with you to see how God transforms Berlin from a dry place of solitude into a city that will rejoice and sing His praises!


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